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Need an rating opinion


I've got a bathtub snippet (about 1,500 words or so) that needs a rating.  I'm not sure if it counts as R or NC-17.  Yes its explicit but no its not as detailed as some of the standard romance smex scenes.  So could three or so nice folks PM me with an e-mail and I'll let you have a copy and you can weigh in on the appropiate rating.  BTW:  I'll send it out sometime tonight PST since I'm attempting to keep my fan fic away from my work computer.

IMHO, I'm all for rounding up to a higher rating. I know once my daughters are literate I won't let them read anything racier than 'Little House on the Prairie' until they are, hmm, I don't know... twenty? :)

You never get burned rounding up to a higher rating online. Just my thought...

I'm willing to read it. Can't be worse than the stuff I've written.

Thanks all...I'll ship it off to the victims volunteers when I get home.


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