Author Topic: Just Because I Love You Doesn't Mean I Don't Hate You Too  (Read 6546 times)


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Just Because I Love You Doesn't Mean I Don't Hate You Too
« on: February 17, 2013, 07:30:21 pm »
Title: Just Because I Love You Doesn't Mean I Don't Hate You Too
Fandom: The Emperor's Edge (Lindsay Buroker)
Pairing: Amaranthe Lokdon/Evrial Yara
Word Count: 8393
Content Advisory: Ableism, kissing, references to torture, body horror, swearing.
Beta: The wonderful, amazing and fantastic melodratragic. <3
Summary: While there are a lot of things Evrial Yara hates about Amaranthe, without question the thing she hates most is her friend's callous willingness to throw her life away. (AU, in which Yara and Amaranthe have been friends since the enforcer academy, Yara's been with the team since Book 1, and they're both gay, gay, gay.)
Author Notes: Written for Femslash February.

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For those of you uninitiated to the wonder that is Femslash February, the name pretty much describes exactly what it is. It also alliterates! Okay, more to the point, Femslash February basically exists as a way to celebrate female characters. Which is actually quite cool considering how many fandoms tend to get overrun with slash shipping of cis-gendered, heterosexual, white dudes, often to the erasure of female characters.

So, yes. I basically just took the little bit of friendship we've seen between Amaranthe and Yara and ran with it! Sorry to interrupt the regualrly scheduled Sicarius/Amaranthe and Maldynado/Yara with femslash, or at least sorry I'm not actually all that sorry. I will say that I realize that Amaranthe and Yara are really, really straight in canon, but that's why this is an AU! Hope you enjoy!
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